Course Description

Beginner / 2.0 credit hours

Land Workshop with Application to Land and Water

Faculty: Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn to effectively design an aquatic class to be maximally effective for people with diabetes, arthritis, obesity and chronic pain - four conditions seen most with the aging population. Common concerns and exercise guidelines will be learned and implemented in this course. This is a great continuing ed program for Aquatic Specialists wanting to expand their post-rehab programming. This program is part of the ACSM Exercise is Medicine Program.


  1. Examine differences and similarities in arthritis, diabetes, obesity and chronic pain diagnoses.
  2. Determine differences and similarities in water exercise approaches for these diagnoses.
  3. Explore the benefits of working in the aquatic environment versus the land environment.
  4. Develop and implement a program to benefit all four diagnoses. 

FACULTY: Donna Lewen, BA, ATRIC, owns and operates Liquid Assets for Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. She is an Arthritis Foundation Online Educator/Trainer and works with geriatrics, pediatrics and clients with health challenges. Donna is an AquaStretch™ Facilitator and ATRI AquaStretch™ Trainer. She is co-author of the ACSM Exercise is Medicine Aquatic Solutions for Chronic Conditions Manual. She is a consultant at the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Facility for Persons with Disabilities and also studies at the Center for Applied Energy Medicine. She is the 2012 recipient of the ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.  

Course curriculum

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