Course Description & Objectives

Intermediate / Full-Day Course

8 Credit Hours

Faculty: Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Take your Ai Chi experience to a new level. Prepare yourself to present Ai Chi workshops to other aquatic therapy practitioners – or simply validate your technique to offer improved care to your clients. Compare the benefits of Ai Chi for the average healthy adult and modifications for special situations. Hear about the Eastern thought behind the movement performance and sequence of Ai Chi. Examine the continuing evolution of Ai Chi with several new ways to make the basic program more effective. Analyze the body and mind efforts necessary for a positive effect. Apply teaching techniques including lecturing, music, pacing and flow of a class or workshop. Ai Chi Ne (partner work) is included in this presentation. Pool practicum and written exam included.

1) Learn the deeper concepts behind Ai Chi.
2) Experiment with a new focus to give more depth.
3) Gain experience with the intricacies of each movement pattern.
4) Apply teaching and leadership skills.
5) Compare modifications for varied special populations. 

FACULTY: Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC, president of the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, served on the Wisconsin Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, received the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Award, the IDEA Outstanding Business Award, the first Presidential Sports Award in aquatic exercise, and AEA’s Contribution to the Industry Award. She has authored eighteen books and over 50 DVDs and CDs. She is known for her work in aquatic fitness, aquatic therapy, BackHab, Ai Chi and creating connections with other aquatic, health and therapy organizations.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Description Requirements -Pre/Post

    2. Ai Chi Balance Harmony and Healing

    3. Outline

    4. Outline---Extra-Balance

    5. Extra

    6. Video-Index

    7. Video 1

    8. Video 2

    9. Video 3

    10. Video 4

    11. Video 5

    12. Video 6

    13. Video 7

    14. Video 8

    15. Video 9

    16. Video 10

    17. Video 11

    18. Video 12

    19. Video 13

    20. Video 14

    21. Quiz

    22. Post Exam Video Submission

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