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Course Description

This course is designed for aquatic exercise instructors, personal trainers, and therapists.  The goal is to share the many domains of autism, its vast spectrum, how it affects people, and how to create aquatic exercise programs. The course focuses on individuals on the autism spectrum and their parents and/or caregivers.  The intention is aquatic wellness that delivers amazing benefits from physical movement and cognitive stimulation. Once an understanding of autism is established, we are then able to create and adapt many of our aquatic programs to accommodate this special group of individuals.  The bounds are only limited by you. 

Evelyn Keyes, BSc & Gregory James Keyes, JP, PhD

Evelyn is a national and international aquatics presenter for over three decades with specialties in autism, swim instruction, and all varieties of aquatic exercise.   She is globally known for her creative and humorous methodologies and being able to bridge the gaps in teaching to virtually all client bases, especially through non-verbal techniques. 


Greg has a vast array of experience and knowledge in domains of exercise science, performing arts, law enforcement, martial arts, and cognitive & interpersonal communication dynamics.  An author and global presenter in leadership, aquatics, and performance dynamics topics since the 1990s, Greg is well known for his concept creativity.