Hydrorevolution Online Training

Aquatic Fitness Continuing Education

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The Hydrorevolution Online Training Program has been developed to bring the best in drag resistance training equipment and programming into one great course!  Our mission is to help trainers around the world further their fitness education and grow their client base through effective drag resistance training. Regardless of the age or fitness level of your clients, we will show you how they can benefit from training with the methods taught in this course. 

Powered by Aqualogix and Aquastrength, this training course will introduce you to the comprehensive range of drag resistance equipment that can be used for anything from sports performance or general fitness through to rehabilitation.

CECs:  ACE 0.6, AEA/AF 6.5, AFAA 5.0, ATRI 6.0, NASM 0.5

Aqualogix, Aquastrength &  AEA
Aqualogix, Aquastrength & AEA

What's included?

21 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Download
38 Presentations

Course Curriculum